PCI Scanning

This service provides access to an online panel where you can perform PCI security scans against your site or your server*.

In excess of 20,000 security/intrusion tests are performed and detailed reports with recommended resolutions are produced by the system.

When your site/server shows as compliant the system creates a certificate that can be sent to your payment gateway provider to confirm that the security scans have been performed and your site is compliant.

PCI /Security Scanning Services

(£25 set up fee) +
Scans per quarter/IPs
Recommended for:
PCI Scanning - Standard
1 year - £49 + vat
2 year - £95 + vat
10 Scans per quarter
/ 5 IPs (Servers)
Smaller online merchants running virtual or VPS hosting.
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PCI Scanning - Enterprise
1 year - £89 + vat
2 year - £175 + vat
Unlimited Scans per quarter
/ 20 IPs (Servers)
Larger online merchants running virtual or dedicated servers.
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PCI scanning is provided by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), and satisfies the required quarterly Vulnerability Scanning certifications and reports required by credit card providers and payment gateways.

* Confirmation is required from the IP address admin contact.



PCI Scanning

- Gain PCI scan compliance with vulnerability scanning by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor

- Submit' PCI compliance reports to send to your merchant bank

- Detailed reports identify security holes exposed by over 20,000 tests and contain actionable fix recommendations.